Snapchat Won’t Release Diversity Report

In a report from Business Insider, Snapchat CEO Spiegel told employees that he would not release its diversity numbers because they could perpetuate the idea that Silicon Valley companies are not diverse. Spiegel made the comment to employees at an all-hands meeting earlier this week adding that Snap’s diversity is the same as other tech companies which skew largely male and white.  While an employee … Continue reading Snapchat Won’t Release Diversity Report

Demon’s Souls is on the PS5!

Bluepoint Games released a trailer promising a remake of Demon’s Souls that will not disappoint both new and old fans. Playable on PS5, Demon’s Souls is a remake of the original game by From Software. While the original game launched an entire subgenre and a legacy of titles, Demon’s Souls was only playable on the PS3, and many fans may have missed out.  Fans are … Continue reading Demon’s Souls is on the PS5!

T-Mobile Cancels Tucker Carlson

Joining Disney, Papa Johns and Smile Direct, T-Mobile announced via Twitter that they would no longer be running ads on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.  After racist comments were made on Carlson’s show a Twitter user asked T-Mobile why they continue to run ads on the program. T-Mobile responded saying that they share the Twitter user’s disgust at Carlson’s comments and will not be … Continue reading T-Mobile Cancels Tucker Carlson

Ahmed Best celebrates Being Twitter Verified and a New Star Wars Role

On June 10th, 2020 Ahmed Best tweeted “Blue check mark!!! The force is strong with you all. Thank you.”  His new Twitter status comes on the heels of being reintegrated into the Star Wars franchise in Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels, is now Kelleran Beq Jedi Master. Jedi Temple is billed as a show … Continue reading Ahmed Best celebrates Being Twitter Verified and a New Star Wars Role

Nintendo Breach

Approximately 300,000 Nintendo accounts have been affected by a breach in which Nintendo Network IDs were accessed maliciously. The breach resulted in the possible exposure of some users’ personal data, like their date of birth, country, e-mail addresses and nicknames.  The breach was first acknowledged in a statement from Nintendo on April 24th, 2020, but according to a statement on the Japanese Nintendo support page … Continue reading Nintendo Breach

Chat with Jason Barrett of JBEON Comics

Jason Barrett grew up on a council estate (what we in America would call the projects) in London. At around age nine he fell in love with comics and graphic novels. These stories offered him an escape from the world around him. There was only one problem, as he read the stories of superheroes, most of the best ones, the ones with the strongest powers, … Continue reading Chat with Jason Barrett of JBEON Comics

Talking With Sovereign Comics

I don’t remember where I first heard about Tyrone Jackson and Sovereign Comics, very likely from an indie comic hashtag on Instagram, but I do know that Cypher Team was the second indie comic I ever purchased. When the Cypher Team, Orisha EXOS, STARS, and Temple High arrived I was impressed by the packaging Sovereign shipped them in, especially for a new indie start-up, but … Continue reading Talking With Sovereign Comics