Afrococoapuffs Has A New Album “She Gon Be Black Today”

Hinata isn’t isn’t black but she isn’t real. Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. Afrococoapuffs aka Cocoa Cosplay, created a song called “She Gon’ Be Black Today.” It’s a song that states a cosplayer can cosplay as any character. Color isn’t a qualifier for cosplaying. In the cosplay community, certain person, commonly classified as “trolls” … Continue reading Afrococoapuffs Has A New Album “She Gon Be Black Today”

Loki Releases Today on Disney +

Loki is out today June 9th 2021 on Disney + and make sure you check out the podcast of Angela Faith and Dee Murray of FTO: Nerd Talk reviewing and viewing the first eps. Have you watched the first eps? Did you check out the Episodes of FTO with Angela and Dee? Continue reading Loki Releases Today on Disney +

Norman Reedus Confirms Video Game Role

AMC and Survios Inc. recently updated its fans that they are in the final stages of development for the VR game set in The Walking Dead universe announcing via their youtube channel that Norman Reedus will reprise his role of Daryl Dixon.  It has been over a year since AMC first announced that it was teaming up with Survios Inc. to create The Walking Dead … Continue reading Norman Reedus Confirms Video Game Role

Spotify and DC Comics Makes A Podcast

Warner Bros. and DC Comics has enlisted Spotify to produce a catalog of scripted podcasts after entering a multi-year exclusive deal.  As part of the deal, Spotify will have rights to employ DC Comic’’s iconic characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in new narrative podcast shows. For standalone podcast series, Spotify will be able to use Warner Bros. large collection of titles and … Continue reading Spotify and DC Comics Makes A Podcast

Netflix’s Warrior Nun

Netflix has released the trailer for Warrior Nun based on Warrior Nun Areala, a comic series by Ben Dunn published by Antarctic Press.  The series and show centers around Ava (Alba Baptista) who wakes up in a morgue and discovers that she has superhuman abilities via a holy relic embedded in her back. Ava goes on to realize she is fated to utilize those abilities … Continue reading Netflix’s Warrior Nun

Lego Super Mario Full Line-up

The full Super Mario Collection from Lego has finally been revealed ahead of the August 1st product launch. The Super Mario Collection includes fifteen sets in addition to the Adventures with Mario Starter Course. The additional sets are meant to be used with the Mario Starter Course and include castles, Mario power-ups, fortresses, Bowser, Koopa Trooper and more.  The Lego Mario that comes inside the … Continue reading Lego Super Mario Full Line-up

Breakdown of Free Xbox One Games

Xbox One users can download three games for free via Xbox Live Gold’s Games with Gold Offer. Xbox Live Gold subscribers is a monthly offering that allows four free games each month. One game is only available for the first half of the month, hence only three games are available currently.  This month subscribers can download Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse (Xbox One), Sine Mora … Continue reading Breakdown of Free Xbox One Games

Dan DiDio Still Working For DC Comics

Metal Men’s most recent release, Metal Men #7,  features DC Comics ousted Publisher Dan Dido as a bartender the Metal Men stop by while experimenting with their newly founded humanity.  Although Dan Dido was relinquished as publisher of DC Comics, he was allowed to continue writing Metal Men through its planned end at the twelfth issue. The Dido cameo shows a sense of humor from … Continue reading Dan DiDio Still Working For DC Comics

Hasbro Acquires Power Rangers

In an effort to reverse losses in 2019, Hasbro Inc (HAS.O) is in agreement to acquire Power Rangers and assorted other children’s franchises from Saban Entertainment for around 250 million in cash and stock.  Hasbro currently manufactures toys and action figures, but also utilizes the franchises behind those toys and action figures to create movie and TV shows. This allows them to diversify their profits. … Continue reading Hasbro Acquires Power Rangers