Dan DiDio Still Working For DC Comics

Dan DiDio from SYFY Wire

Metal Men’s most recent release, Metal Men #7,  features DC Comics ousted Publisher Dan Dido as a bartender the Metal Men stop by while experimenting with their newly founded humanity. 

Although Dan Dido was relinquished as publisher of DC Comics, he was allowed to continue writing Metal Men through its planned end at the twelfth issue. The Dido cameo shows a sense of humor from Dido and the editorial board of DC comics about the relinquishing of Dido as publisher. While his termination wasn’t funfare, his role as bartender in Metal Men, drawn by Shane Davis, has cemented Dido into the DC Canon. 

DC Comic Conissuers may note that this is not Dido’s first appearance in the DC Universe recalling that Harley Quinn was critical of Dido and his plans for DC Comics. New issues of Metal Men will keep Dido relevant until at least August. 

by Jessica Marie


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