Breakdown of Free Xbox One Games

Xbox One users can download three games for free via Xbox Live Gold’s Games with Gold Offer. Xbox Live Gold subscribers is a monthly offering that allows four free games each month. One game is only available for the first half of the month, hence only three games are available currently. 

This month subscribers can download Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse (Xbox One), Sine Mora (Xbox 360 playable on Xbox one via Backward Compatibility) and Coffee Talk (Xbox One). Once you download any of the free offerings they are yours to keep so long as you keep an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Furthermore, the games are the full versions, not trials or demos, and could save Xbox Live Gold subscribers up to $43. 

Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse: 

Pitch: “Embark on an exciting adventure with your favorite hair-whipping, belly-dancing genie. After losing her magic abilities, Shantae must team up with her nefarious nemesis, Risky Boots, in order to save Sequin Land. Slay monsters, battle epic bosses, and obtain new weapons in a quest to remove an evil curse from the land and gain back her magical powers in the process!”

Sine Mora: 

“Time is the ultimate factor. Rather than the traditional health status bar, this old school style shoot ‘em up sets itself apart by focusing on massive destruction and time manipulation. With gorgeously crafted stages and deeply challenging Story and Arcade modes, you will test your abilities in this excellent entry to the shmup genre.”

Coffee Talk: 

 Lend an ear to your customers as you serve up hot drinks behind a bar. As a barista owner in this soothing and relaxing game, immerse yourself in the stories of the city’s fantasy inhabitants where progression is based on the variety of beverages you serve. You will easily get invested in the strong narrative of your customer’s lives while playing this timely character interaction simulator.

by Jessica Marie


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